Blood chromosomes :


Draw 3 – 5 ml of peripheral blood (1 minimum for newborns) info a sterile sodium heparinized tube (green top vacutainer ).

Amniotic cell chromosomes :


Draw 20 – 30 ml of amniotic fluid , observing sterile techniques , into 2 – 3 sterile tubes .

Bone marrow for cancer chromosomes analysis :


Sample should be obtained prior to initiating therapy , sodium heparinized tube may be used (green top vacutainer).

Solid tissue / skin , cartilage for chromosomes :


1- 2 mm of skin , cartilage or other tissue aseptically transferred in a sterile normal saline or a medium available from our center or sterile RPMI or HAM's F10 nutrient medium.

Triple Marker screen & First trimester screening :


2 – 3 ml of serum or whole blood on yellow top vacutaner (gel clot activator).



1 – 2 ml of plasma and 2ml of urine for amino acide in plasma and urine

please do not freeze and avoid overheating.