- Blood – routine Q or G banding.
  - Blood – mosaic, Fragile – X , or high resolution.
  - Amniotic fluid.
  - Chorionic villi.
  - Cancer cytogenetics.
  - Fetal blood sample.
  - Tissue.
  - Triple Marker screening [MSAFP , hcc , uE3].
  - First trimester screening (hcg & PAPP-A).
  - Neonatal screening (Routine).
  - Neonatal screening (Extended).
  - Alpha fetoprotein – Amniotic fluid.
Molecular Cytogenetics:
  Fish technique for
  - Microdeletions , low level mosiacism.
  - Hematologic malignancies.
  - Prenatal diagnosis of trisomies & sex determination.
  For diagnosis and carrier detection of some diseases
  - Duchenne and Beckers muscle dystrophies
  - Spinal muscle atrophy
  - Thalassemia
  - Hemophilia
  - Cystic filorosis
  - DNA studies for paternity determination is all available


  • All reports are reviewed by certified clinical cytogeneticists and include interpretation and recommendations.
• All abnormal results could be discussed directly with the referring physician by a medical geneticist.
• Reports can be Faxed or E-mailed.
• Reports can be downloaded from our website (very soon ).

Immediate fax report and subsequent written reports with karyotype.